The Secret Uprising (Recurring)

One of the places where the church is growing the fastest in all the world is among former Muslims!

Imams, sheikhs, tribal leaders, and even former terrorists are realizing that the only way to find lasting peace and to rid their hearts of evil is through the love and forgiveness of Jesus. In fact, thousands of Muslims are turning to Jesus as their Savior! And, after interviewing more than 150 former Islamic radical extremists – who are now radical for Jesus – I am convinced that this is not just an “isolated incident.” It is a move of God.

The only hope to stem the advancement of radical Islam is by bringing the hope, love and peace found in Jesus Christ to those who are determined to destroy Christianity and western civilization as we know it.

I need your help to train, mentor and equip the underground house church in the Muslim world as they are ready and willing to share the Good News of the gospel in their language, culture and communities.

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