Help RUN Prepare for the Mosul Refugee Exodus

The UN refugee agency's Iraq representative, Bruno Geddo, said last week that the exodus from Mosul could be "one of the largest man-made displacement crises of recent times."

RUN Ministries is preparing to provide food, water, medicine, blankets, shelter, and protection to Iraqi refugees seeking shelter from the battle of Mosul. For just $8 per person per day, your contribution will help refugees facing dehydration, starvation, exposure in war torn Iraq.

Simply complete the form below to make a 100% tax-deductible online donation to RUN Ministries. 

To donate by check please make checks payable to RUN Ministries, adding Mosul Refugees to the memo line. Mail your check to: RUN Ministries • P.O. Box 6543 • Virginia Beach, VA • 23456

Contributions are tax deductible. Your donation supports RUN Ministries' rescue and relief efforts in northern Iraq and our other global efforts.